Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Get High-Speed Internet Everywhere | Special WiFi by Airtel

India’s leading telecom operator Airtel is rapidly expanding its 5G network. They’ve introduced the portable Airtel 5G Plus My-Wi-Fi MF501 Data Card, originally priced at 29,990 rupees, now available for 22,999 rupees on Flipkart. This pocket-sized device aims to provide fast internet even in areas where the network is difficult or almost impossible to get.

The gadget features a small touch display showing 5G signal strength, battery level, time, date, and connected devices. Users can easily monitor data usage without repeatedly checking the Airtel app. The data card supports up to 150 Mbps speed and has an extended memory capacity of 512 MB. The device is available in two colour combinations dark blue and black.

The device has a power button and SIM card slot on top, and a USB Type-C port at the bottom, the device includes a data card unit, SIM removal pin, and a USB Type-C cable in the retail box. The goal is to offer seamless connectivity where traditional WiFi may be difficult to access.

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