Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Garena confirmed the return of the skin called “Platinum Destruction”, the customization is also known as Werewolf. Today, January 6, 2023, we will detail the available information about the event.

The Werewolf bundle will be available in the Token Royale event starting this Friday, January 7, 2024. The “Platinum Destruction” package is exclusive to male characters, the skin can be divided into 5 parts.

Token Royale contains the Free Fire skin, random prizes or tokens that can be exchanged for your customizations. Each attempt at the event will cost diamonds, where users will be able to unlock the main skins or tokens. It is worth remembering that the tokens collected at the event have an expiration date.

The “Platinum Destruction” bundle has two looks, to change between both, users must equip its animation in the “Look Change” category, present in the game’s vault. The “Change Skin” button will be available in the centre of the emote slot during matches, so users can change their skin.

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