Google Doodle tribute to Naziha Salim : Who is she and why Today?

Google, which attracted the whole world with its doodle, remembered Nazia Salim by making a doodle on 23rd April 2022.

Nazia Salim was one of Iraq’s most influential artists. Nazia Salim was a painter and professor from Iraq.Through her paintings, she has depicted the life of rural women of Iraq very well.

Two pictures are visible in the doodle, in which on one side Naziha Salim can be seen holding a paint brush, while in the second picture, a glimpse of his painting is being seen.

Nazia Salim was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1927. His father was also a painter and mother was an expert in the art of embroidery. Naziha Salim had three brothers, who worked only in the field of art. One of his brothers was considered one of Iraq’s most influential sculptors. At the same time, his second brother was a designer while the third brother Rashid was a political cartoonist.

Nazia Salim started showing interest in art at a very young age. He did his graduation from Baghdad Fine Arts. Salim was an expert in fresco and mural painting in Paris. Her hard work and interest in art made her the first woman to be awarded a scholarship to pursue further studies at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Paris.

She later became one of the founders of al-Ruwad of Iraq. Al-Ruwad is a community of Iraqi artists who study abroad and incorporate European art techniques into Iraqi aesthetics.

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