How to add link to your Instagram Story,follow these steps

There are many great features available in Instagram. This is the reason that over time this short video sharing platform is becoming very popular among the people. Now the company has also made the facility of adding links in Instagram Stories available to all users.

If you are using business and creator profiles or you have more followers then you can add links to your stories. Let us tell you that earlier this feature was available only for those Instagram users who had more than 10k followers. However, now the company has made it available to all users. Read below to know about it in detail.


How to add link to your Instagram Story?

Instagram’s swipe up feature helps brands increase their followers by adding links to stories. Viewers can swipe up by clicking on the arrow button at the bottom of the story. With this they will be able to get the link from the story itself without backing up.

Adding a link to an Instagram story is very easy. If you also want to add link on your insta story then you can read this article. Here its complete process is explained.

To add a link to Instagram Story, open the app.

  • After that click on the + icon given on the left side. Here you will find many options, among them
    Then click on the photo or add any content from the gallery.
  • After this you will get many options at the top of the screen. Click on the sticker icon with the second number from it.
  • Now you will get many options including location.
  • Click on the link option among them.
  • Now a box will appear on the screen. Enter the link that you want to add.
  • You can also change the text and color by clicking the + (customize sticker text) icon at the bottom.
  • Then after clicking on Done, that link will be added to the story.
  • This is a very easy way. Any user can easily add a link to the story in this way.

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