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How to call on any block number

block numberblock number

how to call any block number – kisi bhi block number par call kaise kare, when your number is put in black list then how can you call on that number, so now from today you can call on similar block number You can do it in the way I have mentioned. There is a caller app on a block number, so that even if someone blocks your number, that number can be called. If you also want to call, then stay connected with this article till the end.

Friends, it happens many times that when any of our friends, relatives and especially girlfriends / boyfriends get angry with us, then they put our number in the list. The problem comes when he has only one number then how to call him. If such an incident is happening with you too, then definitely read the post on how to call on any block number.

block number
block number

How to call any block number

You already know that in today’s time, some kind of tip keeps going on, especially among the lovers. In this tip, people block each other’s number, then the person in front keeps on bothering to call. Don’t worry your problem is going to go away from today.

Everything is possible in today’s digital world. Whoever makes a rule digitally, then its treatment also comes out digitally from somewhere. To call a block number, there are some such digital apps, using which you can call anyone even if he has blocked your number.

If someone blocks your number and you do not have any other way to reach that person, then only follow this trick how to call any block number. If someone is angry with you, first of all go to him and convince him, otherwise this is the way.

block number caller app
There are many apps through which call on block number can be done. Below I am giving a list of some such apps through which you can call any block number. You can install them in mobile by going to Google Play Store and downloading them. You will also be given detailed information about all these apps.

Wephone App
2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts And Calls App
Hushed app
Indycall App
TextMe Up App
Call India App
Free Calls App
TalkU and Hushed App
But one thing must be kept in mind that these apps have to be used only when you have a lot of emergency. The reason for this is that if you use more then the data saved in your phone is at risk. If someone blocks your number, then first convince them when things do not work out, then use them.

How to call any block number
So let us now know these apps in detail. I will give you the details of some apps, the information of all others is same.

1.Wephone App

This app is present on Google Play Store, whose size is 30 MB and more than 10 million people have downloaded this app in their mobile. More than one lakh users have given it a rating of 4 stars, which is a proof of how much work this app has done.

about this app

You can make cheap and free international calls to more than 200 countries.
In this, the name of the caller is also shown.
You can make high quality phone calls anywhere in the world at a very affordable cost.
Get another virtual USA and Canada phone number.

block number
block number

How to Call Block Number from Wephone App

  1. First of all go to Google Play Store and search for Wephone App and download it and install it on your mobile.
  2. When the app is installed, open it.
  3. After the app is opened, you will see the dialer tree like on your mobile.
  4. Now you have to enter the number which has blocked you or the number on which you want to call.
  5. Now you have to press the calling button, from which you will see three options, out of which you have to choose the premium.
  6. As soon as you select Premium, you will see that calls will start going to that number.
  7. When you call that number, your number will not go to any other number which will be visible to the front.

Note – When you install this app, accept all the permissions you ask for.

2.2nd Line: Second Phone Number for Texts And Calls App

This is a completely free app which you can easily download on your smartphone by visiting Google Play Store. With the help of this app, you can make free calls for 2 minutes, if you want to call more than this, then it has to be recharged. To recharge, you can do it by visiting PayPal or its official site or with the help of Google Play Store.

This app gives you different plans for recharge according to different countries. For more information, you will get all the information inside the 2nd line.
Friends, the process of all the apps is exactly the same. All you have to do is go to Google Play and install them on your mobile. All apps give you only a few minutes free, for more use, you have to recharge separately.

Are Block Number Calling Apps Safe?
Friends, no matter what, we do not take it until we know its good or bad. In the same way, it is very important to know about the good and bad of these digital apps. Whatever be the product, it should be used so that in future we may not suffer any damage due to it.

If you use these apps rarely then it is fine and if you use them continuously in your mobile then your mobile data can be stolen. The reason for this is that by using too much your photos, videos and contact information can be stolen and you will not even know. Use them only when you have no way to call someone and uninstall immediately after doing so.

A safe way to use these apps is to give permission while installing to make calls only, disable all other permissions. Or whenever you want to use these apps in your mobile, then first of all keep your private photo video in another device.


So friends, today we have learned how to call any block number and the app that calls the block number. I would like to repeat one thing again that if these apps are not needed then never use them. Whenever you use these apps, remove them from your mobile immediately after use. If you liked this post then do share it.

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