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Recover Your Stolen Mobile Easily

Losing your phone is a matter of concern, especially if it has important info. You can use the CEIR portal by the Indian government to find your device quickly. It’s managed by the Department of Telecom. Provide a few details to them for them to address your complaint effectively.

Information you need to give

Mobile Number
IMEI Number (two IMEI numbers if Dual SIM)
Brand/Company Name of Mobile
Device Name
Mobile Purchase Receipt
Police Station/District
Evidence of Complaint Lodged at Police Station

In addition to the above information, your name, phone number, address, and identity card should be given. Submitting all this information in the CEIR portal will complete the complaint. A ‘Request ID’ will also be generated. With which you can track the status. First, click on the ‘Block Stolen/Lost Mobile’ option. After all a captcha has to be filled. Complaint will be filed only after verifying OTP with mobile number.

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