Thu. Jun 20th, 2024

Return of the Zombies | Viral News

These days, it looks like folks have to talk on their phones while crossing the street. Some people just don’t follow the basics of road safety. Many people are giving various responses to this post. Many users call it ridiculous and some call it the current truth. In Bangalore, there’s a sign that says ‘Beware of smartphone zombies,’ warning about mobile addiction.

The picture of the sign has grabbed attention on social media site X. People are talking about it because it highlights how much people are stuck to their phones. The sign shows two people crossing the street, completely focused on their phones. It says, “Beware of smartphone zombies.” People who use phones without paying attention in the traffic are called ‘smartphone zombies.’ The sign cautions not to use phones while crossing the road.

This photo was shared by an X user. In the caption of this picture, he wrote – “This signboard in Bengaluru singlehandedly targets our entire generation.” This post was shared on 19 January 2024 in X. It has received over three lakh views since being shared. A user commented l, “I need this sign in my house.”

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