If you are Using Unisoc chipset phones, be careful!

If you have a phone with Unisoc chipset, then you should also read this news carefully. We are saying this because experts have found some critical bugs in the device with this chipset and due to them, users can also suffer big losses. Let us tell you about this news.

The name of Unisoc’s chipset has been heard continuously for the last few months. Phones with this chipset are being launched at a low price. This Chinese-made semiconductor firm Unisoc has used its SoCs chipset in many devices in the budget range. Now smartphones with Unisoc chipset have some critical security bugs, due to which users are suffering.


Some serious bugs present in Unisoc chipset

According to the latest report by Check Point Research, many security related problems are coming to the fore in smartphones with Unisoc chipset. According to Slava Makkaveev, Security Research of Check Point Software, attackers can use radio stations to harm users through these bugs.

Let us tell you that these problems of Unisoc chipset have been first seen on Motorola Moto G20. This phone runs on Unisoc T700 chipset.

Problems with devices with this chipset

Experts of Check Point Research had warned the company in May 2022 about the problems and bugs coming in the device with this chipset and also put all the facts in front. Now this chip maker company of China has accepted these problems coming in the device with Unisoc chipset and has also assured to fix it soon.

Makkaveev, while explaining the problems of users, said that, at present, Android users with this chipset cannot do anything, but it is expected that the company will soon release a good security patch, which will eliminate these bugs present in the users’ devices.

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