5 Characters Who Have the Best Idle Ability in Free Fire Max

Most of the players who play Free Fire Max are always looking for good characters. We are here to tell about the best character with passive ability in the game of July, 2022.

There are many explosive characters to be found in Garena Free Fire MAX. Some of these come with passive ability and some with active ability. All have their different advantages. These characters from the popular battle royale game make the game fun for the players and also help them win. In this article we are going to tell the best characters of Free Fire Max with Passive Ability.

Free Fire MAX Best 5 Passive ability character

Wukong is a super skillful and cool looking character from Free Fire Max. He comes with a unique camoflag ability in the game. Gamers can turn it into a bush and reduce movement speed by up to 20%.


Jota has one of the most amazing passive abilities in Free Fire MAX. Helps players recover some of their HP by using their weapons and killing opponents.


Otho works as one of the easiest passive skills for players who act as a supporter for their team. He is known for his skill memory mist. With the help of this ability, the position of enemies is known within 25m. This helps gamers quickly learn about the position of other enemies and helps them get Booyah.


Shirou is a strong character with passive abilities. It helps a lot in pushing the ranks. The character helps gamers spot an attacker within an 80-meter radius for six seconds. The marking is visible only to players and enemies can share information about the player’s position with teammates.


Nary is one of the best characters with passive skills in Free Fire Max. Increases Glue Wall’s damage from assault rifles by 20%. All these characters are the best passive ability characters from the game of July 2022.

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