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The Netflix Original Series Stranger Things is a funny and scary combination. There is a sense of mystery in this series which does not let you get bored. Its casting is outstanding, every character is meticulously written and perfect screentime has been given.

The story is set in the 80s, in which the characters’ dress, colloquialism, reactions are all according to that time. The series shows people from three different age groups, including children, teenagers and their parents.

Stranger Things Season 4

Reminiscent of the sci-fi and horror classic of the 80s, the show received several Emmy nominations, including three nominations for Outstanding Drama.

Chapter One: Missing Will Byers

On his way back from a friend’s house, young Will notices something terrible. A wretched secret is hidden in a nearby government lab.

Chapter Two: The Weirdo on Maple Street

Lucas, Mike and Dustin try to talk to the girl they met in the woods. Hopper questions a restless Joyce about a rash phone call.

Chapter Three: Holly, Jolly

A terrified Nancy searches for Barb and finds out what Johnathan is doing. Joyce is sure Will is trying to talk to her.

Chapter Four: Zombies

Refusing to believe Will is dead, Joyce tries to reconnect with her son. Boys give XI a makeover. Nancy and Jonathan form a team together.

Chapter Five: Flea and Acrobat

Hopper breaks into the lab when Nancy and Johnathan encounter a force carrying Will. The boys ask Mr. Clark how to go to the other dimension.

Chapter Six: Monsters

A restless Jonathan searches for Nancy in the dark, but Steve is also looking for her. Hopper and Joyce uncover the truth of the lab experiments.

Chapter Seven: The Bathtub

Eleven tries to reach Will, while Lucas warns that “the bad guys are coming.” Nancy and Jonathan show the police what is captured on Jonathan’s camera.

Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

Dr. Brenner stops Hopper and Joyce for questioning while the boys wait with Eleven at the gym. Following Will, Nancy and Jonathan prepare for battle.

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