Man climbing the Devon Tower in Oklahoma City,United States

A man climbed the Devon Tower in downtown Oklahoma City Tuesday morning.

The person climbed up the south and west side of the building in about an hour.

Police personnel blocked off the area near the building at 333 W Sheridan, and later arrested 22-year-old Maison Des Champs. A police spokeswoman said he is expected to be charged with trespassing.

The event caused many in the area to rush to the scene and try to catch a glimpse of the climber.

Devon Tower

Shalaina Jackson was enjoying a large black coffee at the nearby Neighborhood Jam when she got word that someone was climbing the tower. She left the restaurant and headed south to see the climber.

“I was very shocked,” Jackson said. “Everybody at the restaurant says he wasn’t going to make it that far. I don’t want him to fall.”

The incident interrupted flow of downtown traffic as multiple cars and witnesses are parked and observing the climb.

The individual climbing is believed to be Maison Des Champs, who has climbed multiple skyscrapers across the country to raise awareness for his cause as an abortion rights opponent.

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