Where are bacteria hiding in your home?



After a whole day’s fatigue and dust, when a person keeps his head on the pillow, then he gets great rest. But gradually the pillow becomes a haven for bacteria and fungus. The pillow should be washed with very hot water in between. In summer, the pillow should also be dried in the sun.

2.Dishwasher Sponge


The dishwashing sponge should be changed after two weeks. If the sponge is not changed on time, then most of the bacteria hide in it.

3.kitchen sink


Dirty water flows from the sink while washing dishes. This water consists of fats, oils and pieces of food. 45% of sinks are full of bacteria. That’s why it is important to clean the sink in between.

4.kitchen counter


Gas mites were found in kitchen racks on 32 percent of the times. The counter is usually wiped down with a cloth after cooking, but bacteria still remain in it.

5.chopping board


Bacteria easily hide even on vegetable cutting boards. When cutting meat, butter or juicy fruit with a knife, the cutting board is left with marks and microscopic portions of the food are trapped in them. That’s why once a day the chopping board should be washed with boiling water.

6.toothbrush holder


A person usually changes the toothbrush, brings a new toothpaste, but does not change the toothbrush holder. Bacteria were found to be hidden in 27% of the cases.

7.bathroom handles


Very deadly bacteria were found in the bathroom handles of nine out of 100 homes. Regular cleaning of bathroom handles is also essential.

8.smart fone


A person looks at the smartphone screen at least 20 times every day. Touch screen mobile phones also have a lot of bacteria hidden in them. Hands should be washed after using the smartphone.

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