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WWE Raw Preview: Cody Rhodes will update about his future, Veer Mahaan will return?


WWE Raw– Less than a day is left for this week’s episode of WWE Raw to begin. This is going to be the first episode of Raw after Hell in a Cell 2022. It will be interesting to see what special plans the company has prepared for this red brand show. Let us tell you, this week’s episode of Raw is going to see the return of a famous superstar.

Apart from this, not much has been announced by WWE for this week’s episode of Raw. However, it looks like this week’s show of the RED brand could prove to be a great one. In this article, we are going to take a look at this week’s WWE Raw preview.

4- Maryse will return to WWE Raw


The Miz’s wife Maryse is set to return this week on WWE Raw, and Maryse will appear in The Miz TV segment after her return. Let us tell you, after this week’s episode of Raw, the third season of The Miz & Maryse reality show is going to premiere. Looks like Maris will be back to promote the show.

It will be interesting to see what else Maryse will do this week on Raw apart from promoting the show. Let me tell you, Maryse appeared in WWE several months ago with her husband The Miz in a feud against Edge & Beth Phoenix. A mixed tag team match was also seen between these two couples at Royal Rumble 2022 and Edge & Beth Phoenix won the match.

3- Will Veer Mahan return to WWE Raw?


Veer Mahan was not used on the show last week on WWE Raw. Which is why it will be interesting to see if this week’s episode of Red Brand sees the return of Veer Mahan. All eyes will be on how the company is going to use Veer Mahan after his return.

Let us tell you, Veer Mahan has not got a chance to fight matches in Raw for the last few weeks. Hope to see Veer Mahan’s match in the show this week. Let me tell you, Veer Mahan’s feud with Rey Mysterio is going on at present and the match between these two superstars is yet to happen.

2- What will be the next step of Bobby Lashley?


In WWE Hell in a Cell, Bobby Lashley defeated MVP and Omos in a handicap match and it looks like Bobby Lashley has ended his feud with these two superstars through this match. If so, it will be interesting to see what Bobby Lashley’s next step in the RED brand is going to be.

Bobby Lashley has once again indicated to win the World Championship through social media after the match. It will be interesting to see whether Bobby Lashley really tries to get into the World Championship picture at the Red Brand this week or whether Lashley will be part of another feud on the show.

1- Cody Rhodes will make a big announcement on WWE Raw?

WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes defeated Seth Rollins in the recently concluded Hell in a Cell. Cody Rhodes performed in this match despite his injury and his injury looks very serious. This is the reason why everyone wants to know how this thing is going to affect the career of Cody Rhodes.

It is possible that this week Raw may see a segment of Cody Rhodes and during this segment, Cody Rhodes may update his future regarding his injury. It will be interesting to see what Cody Rhodes announces about his future on Raw this week.

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How to Make a Car Insurance Claim After an Accident? Questions answers related Claim

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Car Insurance Claim-

Hello friends, In today’s article, I will try my best to answer all the questions that arise in your mind related to “Insurance Claim”.
Before knowing the answers to the questions, let’s take a look at some important points of the insurance claim, so that it will be easy for all of you to understand about the insurance claim.

What is an Insurance Claim?

We are going to explain you very simply about the insurance claim. Whenever we all of you take a new vehicle or take a second hand vehicle, we get that vehicle insured in our name. While getting insurance, we all give you a fixed amount of insurance, both the date of getting insured and the date when the insurance of your vehicle is expiring is written on the insurance paper.

The main thing is that we get you insurance that if any kind of accident happens, then the damage done in that accident can be compensated.

Car Insurance Claim
Car Insurance Claim

Questions answers related to insurance claims.

  • How to make a claim if the vehicle has been in an accident?
    Whenever the accident of your car is due to collision with another vehicle, you will first have to file a First Information Report from the place of accident to the nearest police station. If in an accident you are not in such a condition that you can go to the nearest police station, then call and inform the police about the accident and also call an ambulance for first aid.
    After writing the first information report, immediately inform your insurance company and give complete information about the accident.
    A surveyor sent by the insurance company prepares an accidental damage report of the vehicle involved in that accident.
    This accidental damage report goes to the manager of the insurance company and he passes the claim based on the terms and conditions of the insurance.
  • What are the terms and conditions of vehicle insurance?
    Know about some of the main terms and conditions.
    The vehicle must be insured.
    The driver of the vehicle must have a valid driving license.
    The age of the driver of the vehicle should not in any case be less than 18 years.
    The insured vehicle should have registration, fitness, and permit.
    The driving of the vehicle should be within the limit given in the vehicle permit.
  • When can I not claim vehicle insurance?

Driving a vehicle without a valid driving license.
The age of the driver is less than 18 years.
There is no registration, fitness and permit of the vehicle.
Violation of the limit given in the driving permit of the vehicle.
Drunk driver.
The accident of the vehicle may have happened due to the fault of the driver.
And any other such condition which is violating the terms and conditions of the insurance.

  • If the insurance policy of the vehicle is lost then can I claim?
    Yes, you can get a new duplicate insurance policy for a nominal fee by giving a written notice of the loss of the vehicle insurance policy to your insurance company. One thing to note here is that the insurance should be valid.
Car Insurance Claim
Car Insurance Claim

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