WWE legend Big Show reveals the real reason for leaving the company

AEW star Paul Wight, better known as Big Show in WWE, is a master at turning things around. Big Show achieved great success after debuting in World Championship Wrestling in 1995, and returned to WWE four years later. During his time in WWE, he made many changes in his character and many times he kept on becoming heels and faces.

From the United States to the Intercontinental Championship and WWE Tag Team Championship, Big Show held almost every title in the company. After achieving so much success, fans were wondering why they joined AEW, the biggest rival of WWE. Now Big Show himself has revealed this. White has talked about his last match in WWE in an interview.

Big Show has told that he left the company because he didn’t want to lose his reputation as a performer.

Big Show

Big Show targets WWE’s creative team

Big Show believes that WWE only uses everything for its promotion and that’s why you have to do many unwanted roles. They said,
Big Show agrees that the focus should always be on young talent, but believes that the creative team should also see that if anyone has something to offer, it should be respected.

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