How to get “Guest” account in Free Fire Max?

Free Fire Max game developers keep adding events every day and updates every two months to attract the gaming community. For this reason, this battle royale game is most liked in the gaming community.

Most of the gamers use a gist account to play the Free Fire Max game. Actually, some rules have been made for the players on using the gist account. For example, can’t use redeem codes, can’t receive rewards, and can’t use rewards redemption website.

If they do this then there is a loss with their account and data. He faces difficulties in logging in. So, in this article we are going to tell you how to get “Guest” account in Free Fire Max.

How to get “Guest” account in Free Fire Max?

Gist account cannot be recovered easily in Free Fire Max. Because, there is important data with this account which is rarely available.

Players can easily access the gist account if the old file is present in the account. First of all turn on Free Fire Max game. After that touch on the button with Recover Gift Account. This feature will be visible to the players in the settings.

However, the data is completely deleted which will not be recovered. The developers at Garena have created a separate section to help:

Free Fire Max

This data is available in the store itself. Players playing Free Fire Max cannot recover deleted data. Apart from this, players have the option to create another account.

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